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Evolution of web development

Websites may be developed in different ways. We can code a website from scratch or we can use libraries and frameworks. Or a combination of both approaches. All websites have a front-end end, which is displayed in a web browser to the end user. The website front-end may fetch data from a server. The data provided by the server may reside in flat files or in databases. The server may return raw data or it may process the data and combine it with presentation code.


Freelancing over the Internet - Drawbacks and Benefits

In this article I describe my experiences and conclusions of working as a Freelancer over the internet. I will describe the benefits and drawbacks of Freelancing in general with an emphasis of Freelance I.T work.


Pros and Cons of Technology in the light of Religion

Modern technology has transformed our lives. It has brought tremendous changes to culture, society and moral and social values. In this article I will try to express my views on how technology is affecting our lives and how religion can guide us in understanding technology.