YouTube Playlist

YouTube Playlist


The YouTube Playlist is derived from the MediaElement player. It allows YouTube videos to be displayed in a playlist.


  • Allows playlist information to be loaded from XML file
  • Allows video quality to be set
  • Provides option for sharing video on social networks
  • The start and end time for each YouTube video can be specified in XML file. It allows unnecessary parts of the YouTube video to be excluded
  • Allows switching to next and previous tracks
  • Provides a loop option for playing a track repeatedly
  • Provides a shuffle option for playing a random track
  • Can be used under the terms and conditions of the Media Element Player license

Development of the player

The YouTube Playlist was developed by modifying the MediaElement Playlist plugin and the Quality plugin.

Minor changes to the MediaElement Player were also made. The article Mediaelements: Add a share button to video elements using jQuery was used to add Social Sharing buttons to the player. The player also uses the jQuery thumbnail scroller library for the scroll-able playlist.


Download the source code by running the command: git clone Place the source code in a virtual host directory, so that the index.html file is served by a web server. Navigate to the index.html file in a browser. You should see this screen.

Published 18 Mar 2019

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