Pydio - Document management and Sharing


Pydio is a Secure File Management and Sync solution. It was formerly called AjaXplorer. Pydio stands for “Put Your Data In Orbit”. It allows users to manage and share their files across devices. It has a customizable web interface and has clients for Desktop and Mobile devices.


Notable features of Pydio include support for different storage systems such as FTP, NFS and Dropbox. Support for multiple user management directories such as LDAP, Active Directory, Radius etc. Pydio is Open Source and provides a REST API.

Its features can be extended using plugins. It provides a flexible dashboard for viewing server statistics and document usage. Pydio also supports Collaborative editing using Collabora Online.

Other notable features of Pydio include “Federated Cloud Sharing”, which allows users to share their data by connecting their Pydio clouds. Pydio also provides a “File Gateway”, which allows users to serve public links over a dedicated URL.


Pydio may be installed from package repository or from source. Installation from source is easy and is described in the article Install from archive. To install from source, we need to first download the source code to the installation folder. After that we need to create a database and then run the installer from the web browser.


Pydio is a useful document management and sharing solution. It is similar to NextCloud but does not have as many plugins. Pydio can provide a useful frontend for storage systems. Here is a list of the top free Cloud Storage providers of 2017, that can be used as storage systems for Pydio.

Published 14 Nov 2017

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