How to become an Itunes Affiliate


The Itunes Affiliate program allows website owners to earn commission by adding links to Itunes products to their websites. Website owners can link to millions of songs, movies, tv shows, books and apps on Itunes and earn commission from the sales

How to sign up for the Itunes Affiliate program

The Itunes Affiliate program is a useful monetization opportunity for websites that provide content such as books, movies and apps. The website has to link to content on Itunes. Apple gives a share of the sales to the website owner. Apple provides different ways of linking to its content, including widgets, banners and badges.

For example to add an Itunes badge to your website, you can use the Itunes Link Maker tool. It allows users to search the Itunes API from a browser. The API returns list of products that match the given criteria. Each product has an embed code that you can add to your website.

If you want to automate the process of adding Itune Badges to your website, then you can use the Advanced Search API. This is a RESTful API that returns results in JSON format. You can use the API from your favorite programming language such as PHP. The search results of the API does not include embed code for the banner but it does include a track id that we can add to the banner embed code. In this way we can fully automate the process of adding Itunes Badges to a website

After you have added the embed code for a badge to your website, you need to add an affiliate id to the code. You can get this id by applying for the Itunes Affiliate program.

Once you have your Itunes Affiliate id, you have to add some JavaScript code to your website that turns all the Itunes links on your website into affiliate links. You can get this JavaScript code from the Auto Link Maker tool. After you have added this JavaScript code to your website, you can start earning commission.


Apple provides useful information on its website on how to join the Itunes Affiliate program. Hopefully this article gave you some insight on how to make use of the Itunes Affiliate program.

Published 11 Apr 2017

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